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I am Venicia, a cyber security veteran with over 10 years of industry experience.
I have made my way through multiple domains of information and cyber security, and now I will use my knowledge to empower more women to succeed in cyber security.

I was born and raised in the digital age. My first experience with computers were on dial-up modems, so I guess you could say my life has been spent surrounded by technology ever since!


I founded Cyber Queen because there are simply too few women working towards securing our networks & information assets today which leaves us vulnerable to a magnitude of cyber threats. We need people like YOU!


I want every woman who joins our team or follows the blogs, social media and newsletters to feel empowered by what they have learnt. And how their learnings will elevate them in cyber security careers!


I know how intimidating it can be to start your career in this male-dominated industry. Cyber Queen was created as an oasis for women who want to pursue careers and find empowerment within the cyber security field, but feel discouraged because they don't see many other females doing so or being successful at what's traditionally considered a man’s job.

Mentorship by me - helps you succeed!


Cyber Queen is a platform designed to empower and enable women in cyber security. Cyber Queen provides tools, strategies, and support for navigating your career path as one of the few females working within this field!


Are you ready to take your first steps into the world of cyber security? I can help! Click on this button and find out what services are available for you. See you on the inside!

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