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I know it can be daunting to start your cyber security career, but don't worry!
You're in the right place.

I offer 1-1 coaching calls that will help guide you through getting started and demystifying what it takes for females to succeed in cyber security. 

I'm here to answer any and all of your questions, provide insight into the industry that will help you get started on an exciting journey! 

This service includes:

A once-off 45-minute video meeting. After the call, I will provide you with a basic guidance template with recommendations and next steps.

This service is ideal for someone who wants to get started with cyber security but doesn't have any experience. It's also an excellent guide on different domains and topics that are relevant in this field of work!


You're not stuck. You just need guidance and direction to keep you on track with your goals as a Cyber security professional. If that's the case, a mentor can provide those answers for you and luckily, I’m one of those mentors! I help aspiring cyber security professionals overcome hurdles, and succeed in cyber security.


The aim of this FREE Email mentoring service is to help you answer questions that may be unclear, you may not be able to find the answers to, or that you are just confused about. You will complete a form with your requirement, I will review and provide my guidance for FREE.


Mentoring is a two-way street. As you work with me, I will be guiding the way and helping to answer any questions that come up while your are on your journey. To make sure all parties involved are successful in achieving their goals together, do some research beforehand so no stone goes unturned! Be specific about what kind of information or expertise you require before asking for help - don't just send an email without thinking things through first.


This service includes:

  • A once off coaching Q&A email.

  • You will submit your questions in a form, sharing as much detail as possible and I will answer and provide guidance to you.

  • I answer TWO emails per week, please ensure your responses on the form is as detailed and thorough as possible.

  • This is a ONCE-OFF service only.

  • Responses can take up to 48 hours depending on the context of the question and volume of information shared.

  • With this service, I will help you progress, not get started. If you need help getting started, explore my Once-off coaching service.

  • Please note that I will only respond to Emails compliant to the service requirement.

  • An automated response will be shared if you did not complete the service questionnaire, and no response will be compiled to your questions.


Ready to get started?

Book Now!


Hey There!
So you have completed your Masters in Cyber Security or some basic security certifications, and you are stuck? Not sure where to go next?

I am here to help! 

I will provide you with elite job readiness consulting specifically focused on female cyber security professionals. I created this service to help people navigate the intricacies of getting ahead in today's market, like resume advice, salary negotiation hacks, and optimizing time spent networking on LinkedIn. 

Through my Job Readiness Consulting Service, I will assess your current cyber security knowledge level, assess the skills you are good at, and help direct you to a clearly positioned path in cyber security. Having the qualification or certification is one component, but building job readiness skills, is a critical step in your journey, it will help you land that first job!   

If you're not sure where your strengths and weaknesses are, a knowledge gauging assessment can help! You'll get an idea of which domains you know well enough and where you need to improve.

This service includes: 

A 40-minute discussion call A feedback report with actionable next steps A 20-minute feedback call to close off the engagement.  

This service is the perfect way to solidify what you've already learned and put your skills on display. You'll learn how to prepare for meetings with your future employers, so you are prepared for success when the time comes!


As the first introduction to potential employers, how you communicate your experience and skills is crucial.
All too often, resumes are poorly organized or flawed because of technical errors that distract from the information you're trying to convey.

One interview just got easier with A resume and profile review by Cyber Queen! Experience counts! Experience matters!
This is critical for someone who's looking not only at their resume but also their LinkedIn profile, to make sure it fits their qualifications as best they can before they hand them out to potential employers. 

Let's work together to build or refresh your resume, contextualize it for cyber security jobs specifically and give you the confidence to send out a well-structured and optimized resume. 

I help you enhance your resume and portfolio to stand out from the crowd.

This service will include: 

  • Coaching Call to discuss your current situational context (30 minutes)

  • Resume review and analysis, with insights provided into how to modify for job readiness and with cyber security-specific context.

  • LinkedIn profile review and enhancement advice. 

**The service does not include a full edit and rewrite of your resume. 

Sign up now to get that killer resume and portfolio so you can land your Cyber Security Job!


Alright, so you have studied, built skills, have optimized your resume and LinkedIn profile, you are applying for jobs getting multiple interviews but no feedback?

Do you feel like your skills are not being recognized? Are all of the hiring managers impressed with what they see on paper, but don't offer a position after an interview.

It's not too late! Keep your chin up and I'll show you how to land that dream job!  

This Interview Coaching service is for YOU if: You're feeling stuck in an interview, intimidated by the process, OR just need one final push before giving up altogether? This interview coaching service is for you!

I've interviewed hundreds of people for cyber security positions and I can tell you right off the bat that there are two basic types: those who think they're good enough, regardless; and everyone else. My job as an interviewer is to find out which category you are in by asking specific questions designed around improving your abilities in this field.

As part of this service: 

  • I will interview you based on the roles you are applying for, I tell you where your improvement points are and what you could do better, specifically in a cyber security interview.   

  • I provide a 1-1 interview coaching session and feedback, based on the roles that you are applying for.

  • I review your resume and share my feedback based on the interview process and from an employer perspective.

  • **I do not provide resume insights, this is part of my resume review guidance services.

  • I help you answer questions strategically in a cyber security-specific interview. I provide clear feedback, improvement points, and guidance for what is appropriate to say on the spot.

This service is ideal for someone who already has an optimized profile, a good resume, and is qualified for the applicable jobs, but is riddled by impostor syndrome and struggling with interview confidence to land that job! Remember, there is no guarantee here, there could be different factors and many organisational factors as to why you are not getting the relevant job. What I focus on is ensuring that you are prepared and have the ability to interview well for the applicable roles and are able to meet job expectations.

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