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Alright, so you have studied, built skills, have optimized your resume and LinkedIn profile, you are applying for jobs getting multiple interviews but no feedback?

Do you feel like your skills are not being recognized? Are all of the hiring managers impressed with what they see on paper, but don't offer a position after an interview.

It's not too late! Keep your chin up and I'll show you how to land that dream job!  

This Interview Coaching service is for YOU if: You're feeling stuck in an interview, intimidated by the process, OR just need one final push before giving up altogether? This interview coaching service is for you!

I've interviewed hundreds of people for cyber security positions and I can tell you right off the bat that there are two basic types: those who think they're good enough, regardless; and everyone else. My job as an interviewer is to find out which category you are in by asking specific questions designed around improving your abilities in this field.

As part of this service: 

  • I will interview you based on the roles you are applying for, I tell you where your improvement points are and what you could do better, specifically in a cyber security interview.   

  • I provide a 1-1 interview coaching session and feedback, based on the roles that you are applying for.

  • I review your resume and share my feedback based on the interview process and from an employer perspective.

  • **I do not provide resume insights, this is part of my resume review guidance services.

  • I help you answer questions strategically in a cyber security-specific interview. I provide clear feedback, improvement points, and guidance for what is appropriate to say on the spot.

This service is ideal for someone who already has an optimized profile, a good resume, and is qualified for the applicable jobs, but is riddled by impostor syndrome and struggling with interview confidence to land that job! Remember, there is no guarantee here, there could be different factors and many organisational factors as to why you are not getting the relevant job. What I focus on is ensuring that you are prepared and have the ability to interview well for the applicable roles and are able to meet job expectations.

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