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Hey There!
So you have completed your Masters in Cyber Security or some basic security certifications, and you are stuck? Not sure where to go next?

I am here to help! 

I will provide you with elite job readiness consulting specifically focused on female cyber security professionals. I created this service to help people navigate the intricacies of getting ahead in today's market, like resume advice, salary negotiation hacks, and optimizing time spent networking on LinkedIn. 

Through my Job Readiness Consulting Service, I will assess your current cyber security knowledge level, assess the skills you are good at, and help direct you to a clearly positioned path in cyber security. Having the qualification or certification is one component, but building job readiness skills, is a critical step in your journey, it will help you land that first job!   

If you're not sure where your strengths and weaknesses are, a knowledge gauging assessment can help! You'll get an idea of which domains you know well enough and where you need to improve.

This service includes: 

A 40-minute discussion call A feedback report with actionable next steps A 20-minute feedback call to close off the engagement.  

This service is the perfect way to solidify what you've already learned and put your skills on display. You'll learn how to prepare for meetings with your future employers, so you are prepared for success when the time comes!

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