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When trying to build your career in cyber security, it is critical to network with industry peers. This helps build your network, creates profile visibility and provides a support network for likeminded professionals to connect and share.


Newborn Cybersec Professionals

The aim of this group is to gather newborn cyber security professionals, and upcoming cybersecurity professionals together, with professionals already working in the field of cybersecurity.


Cyber Security Careers

If you are actively, passively and/or discreetly interested in the latest careers in Cyber Security you are welcome to join this group.


Cyber Security & IT Architecture ( Study Group )

This group hold study materials for CEH / CISSP / CISA / CISM / Compitia+ and almost every professional certification in cyber security field.

Anyone can post tips and tricks about how to pass certifications and also about training methods if they have.

Cyber Security Jobsite is a Job Board dedicated to the Cyber Jobs market. With Cyber attacks on the increase the Group is a good way of networking with candidates in the Cyber market.


Cyber Security

This group aims to bring to together like minded professionals looking to network, discuss and contribute to an active cyber security community.


Intelligence and Security

This group shares information on Threat intelligence, OSINT and malware related research.


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