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The Cyber Queens Connect

The collective space for like minded women to achieve their goals in cyber security!

WHAT IF Getting into Cyber Security could be just a little bit easier, structured and you could be supported on the journey?

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Maybe you...


Have been dreaming about a career in cyber security, and just keep hitting a wall


Feel like there is just TOO much information, and no clear direction


Don't know whether you should be going for a Bootcamp, self-studying, certification or all three?


Keep taking online advise which yields no benefit


Have trouble with keeping yourself accountable and on track


Feel confused, stuck and ready to give up...

What if there was actually someone who could support you through this journey?

What if I told you, that you are not the only one struggling, there are hundreds of women facing the same challenges, and you didn't have to figure this out alone


AND more importantly, you didn't have to WASTE TIME trying to figure it out on your OWN.

You can start your cyber security career...

... without spending a ton of unnecessary cash on training you didn't need with someone to help you clearly define what it is that you actually want to do in cyber security, and help you find the correct resources and path into the industry


...with an accountability partner with industry experience to help you gain the insights you require

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Queen, listen up, I have been exactly where you are...

and I know how you feel.

I completed my studies, so unsure of my starting point for work, I was willing to settle for a receptionist job.. even though I had no interest in it whatsoever.

As your average overachieving student,

I was...




needed to start earning!

Do you want to know what happened?

My dreams to work in this industry almost collapsed!


Due to the lack of guidance, industry insights and knowledge on how I can maximise my path to get that first step into cyber security...

I ALMOST gave up.


I started to build my own career strategy, I taught myself networking at the age of 20, and finally got my first job in cyber security!

From here, I became an...


I was your average girl, without direction, strong ambition and determination,

if I could do it, TRUST me, you can too!


I went from introvert to confident speaker, manager and choosing my role, path and MONEY! And I will share the strategies that helped me in the Cyber Queens Connect!

This IS NOT for you if:

You are already advanced in the industry and have already moved passed most of the basic to intermediate steps

This IS for you if:

You want to start your cyber security career, but you are struggling to select and stick to a focus area


You are trying to pivot into cyber security from a job you dislike and need to know how to use your existing skills, experience and platform to do so


You have tried building a plan and roadmap for your path into cyber security, but you are constantly confused by the changing demands or the unknown nature of the jobs in this industry


You require ongoing guidance, coaching and someone to hold you accountable


You need inside info into the industry, clarity and a bestie to consult in trying situations


You are struggling with impostor syndrome and always second guess yourself, and whether you can do this job.

Here is what you will get out of the

Clarity on where to focus and direction for your cyber security career

Guidance on building relevant skills for the job you are targeting

Access to me as your coach in monthly 1-1 calls

Monthly connection, network and community building with likeminded women in the connect, sharing knowledge, advice and cyber security tips

Building your profile and confidence with inside info and clear guidelines on how you can succeed

Gaining confidence to apply for related jobs based on your goals and readiness

A COACH and entire SQUAD cheering you on and building your confidence

Lets Recap:

Whats so unique about the Cyber Queens Connect?

Its designed specifically with you in mind! I have been in your shoes, and had your questions and challenges, and now, I designed this program what I wish I had at the start of my journey.


We focus on bossing you up!

Your mindset,

Skills and credentials and getting you ready.

We are focussed on results!


Thinking about value for money? well check it out for yourself!

In this monthly coaching service...

You will have access to a 1-1 monthly 30 minute coaching call ($55 value)

A monthly group coaching call and Q&A session

Email and direct Q&A Access

Access to all my resources, Ebooks, notes, interview resources

A 30 minute interview prep session if you are applying for jobs ($100 value)

Usual Value:
$155 per. Month
Current Price:
$49 per. Month

See you on the inside...


> FAQ Section:

When does it start and end?

The first Cyber Queens Connect will start on the 15th of February, it will continue on a monthly basis until you cancel your subscription, you can continue on the program for as long as you like.


I haven't started in cyber security yet is the connect still for me?

Yes, the connect is for anyone who hasn't started and is looking to get started, or is in the beginning stages and looking to advance


What if I want a refund?

Sorry, no refunds.

The connect is on a monthly opt out basis, if you do not want to pay for the next month you can cancel your subscription.

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